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What is low motivation ?

Low motivation  can be described as lethargy, a lack of focus or energy. It can be an inability to get things done or to complete tasks. It can be an inability to focus or make changes.

There are many possible causes of low motivation. Low motivation can be part of a vicious cycle already described under the section on depression. It can also be the result of dealing with high levels of anxiety for a prolonged period of time. It could have resulted from excessive and uncontrollable worrying or from dealing with difficult life circumstances, for example, divorce, unemployment, illness or death of a loved one.

How can CBT help with low motivation ?

CBT can help in discovering what led to the person’s low motivation. It can be helpful to examine what is important in a person’s life and to identify what is getting in the way of moving towards those things. The therapist will work with you in creating a plan and goals that will build confidence and motivation. By understanding the role of thinking and behaviour you will learn how to increase your motivation.

It is important to set small achievable steps towards what matters and to gain confidence by taking risks.